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Larsa Pippen, Content Genius: Starts An OnlyFans, Gets In An Instagram Fight With Montana Yao, Teases Releasing The DMs Malik Beasley Sent Her

There are numerous ways to describe Larsa Pippen, but today we're going to content genius. This is how you tease an OnlyFans. Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley have been the talk of the Internet for months now and it's not slowing down. Why would it? It's pageviews for everyone involved. So yesterday you had Malik Beasley apologizing to his then-wife Montana Yao: 

Then we got a bunch of Instagram stories going back and forth. Montana Yao calling out Larsa Pippen, Larsa calling out Yao and teasing her new OnlyFans: 

Christ almighty that last one is mean. But Larsa is doing the only thing she can now. Create an OnlyFans, show some skin and release the DMs. That's how you have to respond. What else can you say? Anywho, best of luck to Larsa on her new career.