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Mario Is Not The Most Iconic Video Game Character Of All Time

"It's a me, Merry-O." He can't even pronounce his name right.

Watching back the video, I'm shocked at how much WSD disrespected Master Chief, he's the CLEAR #1 Overall pick hands down. The only substitute that I would find acceptable would be Mario. However, I couldn't choose Mario because he's way too mainstream. 

Hear me out here, when you played through the Halo campaigns, you became so invested into the storyline that you wanted to be Master Chief and wield an Energy Sword. Never once did I want to jump through a pipe and eat a mushroom to grow (I actually hate mushrooms, so add that to the MRags food list). 

Do you see my point? Mario is more widely known, but you don't feel that same connection with Mario as a character. The storyline just isn't nearly as deep. Halo completely immersed you into a different world where you felt responsible for saving the human race. Alright that sounded pretty nerdy, but that's the MRags analysis on the first pick. The MRags War Room was locked in Master Chief, no one else even crossed my mind to be worthy of numero uno.

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My age is showing here, but the 1st First Person Shooter (FPS) video game that I fell in-love with was Halo 3. The Halo Series had every angle covered from Solo Campaign to Co-op Campaign and finally to Multiplayer. Whether you wanted to complete the campaign on Legendary or collect all the skulls, Campaign mode will always be a timeless gem for Halo. Halo Multiplayer was world class and way ahead of it's time. The ranked playlist + progression system was phenomenal and made you want to grind higher on the leaderboard. On the other hand, if you wanted to casually play with friends, games like Oddball and Grifball were always a blast.

And let's not forget, Master Chief is a total badass. Mario keeps letting his Princess stolen. At some point, he's gotta beef up and eat some more lasagna or something. How many more times can Bowser steal Peach!? We need some more of this from the most known Italian plumber.

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Big shoutout to Eddie and the Barstool Chicago boys for inviting me on this week's snake draft! I'm not saying I'm a psychic, but I felt the 5 to secure the first draft pick. Who would've been your first pick?

Watch to the snake draft above or listen below!