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I'm Sorry Eddie - I've Never Eaten a PB&J Because Jelly Is DISGUSTING

I wish I was trolling with this title, but facts are facts and Jelly is gross. The texture, the flavor, it's all horrible to me. 

Surprisingly, the Instagram comment section actually supported this take a lot more than anyone expected. Are people afraid to state their stance on Jelly!?!? I'm here to shed light onto the Non-Jelly-ers. We are few, but we stand strong.

Giphy Images.

Now, I really don't want to upset Eddie here, but I'm definitely on Chief's side in this debate.

I can't reveal my entire food palette in this blog because the element of surprise like Vibbs' "WHAT" is always an iconic moment. Let me just say, I have some VERY controversial food takes and it doesn't end with PB&J.

Low-key, I think Bballftb found my new get out of jail free card with Jelly:

I mean this is genius and I need to use this going forward.

Let's just say some people weren't thrilled at my food preferences.

Tweet me and comment below your controversial food takes. Let's see who's the weirdest.

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