I'm Back On The Trevor Bauer Train After His Antics Last Night

Like a lot of baseball fans, I go back and forth on Trevor Bauer a lot. Some weeks I'm very entertained by him, his vlogs, his comments, his antics on the field. Sometimes he pisses me off and I hop off the Bauer wagon, but after his start last night I have to be back on the wagon. Bauer got his first taste of the Giants - Dodgers rivalry and he has already made his mark. This was a big divisional matchup with the Giants still being ahead of the Dodgers in the standings, but if you've got Bauer on the mound the chances you'll get that win are pretty good. All he did was go 6 1/3 innings, two hits, one run, four walks and 11 Ks over 126 pitches. Pretty much your standard outing for Bauer, if he's throwing for you that night he's going to get over 10 ks, it's just what he does. As he was leaving the mound last night the San Francisco crowd decided to let him hear it, they let the boo birds rain down upon him. 

Bauer being the troll he is cupped his ear and was basically begging the Giants crowd to boo him louder. In his postgame presser he was saying that he wanted that volume jacked up to 12. "Give it to me" he said, guess he didn't think the boos were loud enough. Bauer is a guy who gets off on stuff like this, he loves seeing his name in the paper, on Twitter, on MLB Network, this is his game. He loves to troll and when he gets shit back for it I think he likes it even more. Every night he's mixed up in something new and tonight it just happened to be him trying to get under the Giants fans skin after he dominated their team on the mound. It's hilarious and I'm here for it. That wasn't the last troll move he'd pull of the night though.

He struck out Alex Dickerson with some heat which produced a not great swing, he decided to break out the sword celebration. You had to know this would ruffle some feathers and it did, you could hear Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow did not approve. I'm okay with it, we want hitters to celebrate homers, let pitchers celebrate for strikeouts.

We did get to see some karma back on Bauer too. In the 6th he hit this ball pretty well to right field…..right where they wanted him to hit it. Mike Yastrzemski was playing super shallow just in case this happened and it worked out perfectly. Yaz knew what he was gonna do the second that ball got hit, pick it up and fire to first. They got Bauer by a decent amount too, he had no chance on beating that. Fans had to love that one I'm sure. Always funny when runners get thrown out at first from right field.

This was the perfect night for Bauer, he and the Dodgers got a big division win, he shoved, he trolled the fans and the Giants, and he also got a little taste of his own medicine. That checks all the boxes for Bauer on game day.