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My Official Statement On The Missed Lifeline #2

It stinks I have to write a very similar blog twice in a day, especially considering this impacted two friends of mine. I chronicled my missed lifeline earlier which was pivotal in the #1 seed Frank and the Frankettes matchup vs. Gen XYZ. I've known Rico Bosco for almost five years now. He was one of the first people that I met at Barstool after I agreed to join. He was a really nice guy who introduced himself and has always been kind whether it's including me on mass group Merry Christmas texts that include literally dozens of Barstool employees or actually texting me kind notes when important milestones happen. Bottom line is, I'm a Ryder. However, I'm also a father of two. And my daughter was actually due on the first day of taping, Tuesday May 4th, but came a little early. So I was at home on parental leave enduring a hectic schedule full of various doctor appointments and living in two hours increments sneaking in sleep when I could. Unfortunately, that timeline coincided with the taping of The Dozen Trivia Tournament. The matchup of Kirk Minihane, Steve Robinson, & new addition Rico Bosco vs. The Misfits just aired.


On the morning of Wednesday May 5th for a taping of The Dozen Trivia Tournament, Rico Bosco FaceTimed me and a guy he considered a friend let him down.

Team Yak was off on Tuesday due to a bye and travel schedules, so we were taping Wednesday morning at 11am. I was not notified I'd be a potential lifeline for any team, so didn't really think much of it. Although I had just missed Nick's FaceTime the day before, they're the only team that has really ever called me. I had to take my new daughter to a doctor's appointment at 9am. We were scheduled to tape at 11am. I was home by 10am and decided to hop in the shower before I did some last minute cramming for our time slot. Unfortunately during that window, I missed a Lifeline from my buddy Rico Bosco. Heartbreaking because while the point didn't determine the match, they were clawing to get back into it and that really would have helped close the gap. Before our taping, Big Cat and Jeff D. Lowe asked me the question which I nailed, but I'm mainly bummed I let down another friend.

Now to address the conspiracy theory to say that I'm dodging calls on purpose:

My response to that would echo Danny Boy Cane's response to being attacked by a bear, "it's total garbage and it's rubbish and it's not true! Not one iota!". While I was aware The Dozen Trivia Tournament was taping all day over the course of two days, nobody gave me a heads up to expect a call. Had I been in the office at the time, things could have been different. But to quote my friend Rico Bosco, "Some things are bigger than sports."

Be sure to check out the top seed left in the tournament, The Yak Thursday night at 7pm and while you're at it, rock some Yak geat to support the squad:

Lastly, shoutout to Kirk and Steve's recent project, The Case podcast. It's an incredible true crime pod that is both fascinating and compelling. You can still binge it before the finale next week!