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Ranking The Best Players In The Dozen: Trivia Tournament After Week 1 (presented by High Noon)

The Dozen: Trivia Tournament presented by High Noon has wrapped its first week. After the controversy, chaos, erogenous "rigged match" claims, and much more, we are set to enter Week 2. Here is what the bracket looks like right now…

We know the teams that have won, but who are the best players?

Here are the full rankings (sorted by INDIVIDUAL Points Per Match) after the first week:
NOTE: These are straight points per match, not weighted

  1. Brandon Walker (5-The Experts): 10.00 ppm
  2. KenJac (6-Smockin): 9.00 ppm
  3. Large (9-Gen XYZ): 7.00 ppm
  4. Jake Marsh (9-Gen XYZ): 7.00 ppm
  5. Tommy Smokes (12-Uptown Balls): 6.00 ppm
  6. Jeff Vibbert (9-Gen XYZ): 6.00 ppm
  7. Mark Titus (6-Smockin): 6.00 ppm
  8. Donnie (6-Smockin): 5.00 ppm
  9. Carl (11-Chicago): 5.00 ppm
  10. White Sox Dave (11-Chicago): 5.00 ppm
  11. Smitty (12-Uptown Balls): 4.50 ppm
  12. Ryan Whitney (8-Spittin Chiclets): 4.00 ppm
  13. Chief (11-Chicago): 4.00 ppm
  14. Glenny (12-Uptown Balls): 3.00 ppm
  15. Biz (8-Spittin Chiclets): 3.00 ppm
  16. Fran (5-The Experts): 3.00 ppm
  17. RearAd (8-Spittin Chiclets): 2.00 ppm
  18. PFT (5-The Experts): 2.00 ppm

- 12-seed Ziti played an incomplete match; was advanced due to controversy and loss did not count against record

We have a couple of big matches next week, and there will be some incredible moments. It returns Monday…

…and then back again that Tuesday for two more weeks!

Here are the matches so far:

See you next week!