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John Mulaney's Rumored New Girlfriend Olivia Munn Was Obsessed With Him For Years But He Kept Ghosting Her Emails

Alberto E. Rodriguez. Getty Images.

US Magazine

“We were at a wedding together and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, do you and your fiancée want to go have dinner or something and go hang out?'” the Predator actress, 40, recalled during a 2015 conversation with HuffPost Live. “At first it was cool, and then I kept going up to him at the wedding like, ‘So, you having fun?’ I was just so obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him.”

After their introduction, the Newsroom alum attempted to get in touch with the former Saturday Night Live writer, now 38, but claimed “he never emailed back.”

Some people are probably going to read this story and think Olivia Munn is a crazy person and John Mulaney is a dick. To be honest if you didn't already think that about Munn after the Chris Pine saga then you can't be trusted for an opinion to begin with. But you know what, the heart wants what the heart wants. We only get one life so what's the point in not going after what you truly desire these days. Sometimes when you don't have someone's number you to go to weird lengths for attempted contact. Email was the last resort for Olivia Munn here. In college I once Facebook messengered a girl. It did not work out at all in case you were curious. Shocking right? 

From thinking in terms of Mulaney's perspective, fresh off ending his marriage why wouldn't you go after the super hot woman who was so obsessed with you she resorted to emailing you. No effort required, you know that's a winner from the get-go. I can't even imagine what was inside that original email. Obviously his wife finding about Munn this quickly is a gut punch and a half, but sometimes you just have to pick up the pieces and move on. 

Regardless, I think I'd give up drugs for a little bit to spend some time with Olivia Munn. I'm sure drugs are a great time, but we're talking Olivia Munn come on now. 

I wish John a pleasant sober time with Olivia as he gets his life back on track.