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Miller High Life Is Lobbying To Make Milwaukee The World's Official "Champagne of Beers" Region And Taking Applications For An "Ambassador"

Crains - You might not equate Milwaukee with the Champagne region of France as a tourist destination. But Miller High Life is building on the longstanding claim that it's the "champagne of beers" by turning its hometown into a go-to stop on your travel bucket list. 

The beer brand is lobbying for the area around its Milwaukee brewery to be designated a special region. The brand of Chicago's MolsonCoors is petitioning the Milwaukee Common Council to establish an official region and declare that only beers invented within its strict borders—around the Miller Brewery—will be considered the "Champagne of Beers."

People can sign a petition online to support the idea, and Miller is also hiring an ambassador for its cause who’ll earn a $20,000 payout, as well as an all-expenses-paid trip to Milwaukee to tour the brewery. Anyone can apply by visiting the website by May 21 and writing an original and creative post about why they want the job. 

“We respect Champagne, France as a tourist destination and the weight that name carries for the sparkling wine—but we’re all about beer at Miller, and with our long history of brewing, we wanted to give beer lovers a tourist destination they deserve," said Anne Pando, senior marketing manager for Miller High Life, in a statement. "To up the ante and get our loyal fans excited for the new region, we put a call out to High Life lovers far and wide, encouraging them to apply to become the first official ambassador to our new region—it’s the ultimate “dream job” for any Miller fan."  

I know Miller gets a lot of love around here because they help pay the bills but even if they didn't I would honestly and proudly state that I fucking love them. 

They don't call High Life "The Champagne Of Beers" for no reason. It takes a palate of a refined individual to truly appreciate its awesomeness.

(Fun fact-)

(Sidebar- the bars of Put-In-Bay, Ohio still do this bucket of beer thing and I am still planning on taking White Sox Dave there this summer. Stay tuned.)

They don't just have an incredible product either. As any successful business person will tell you, you can have the greatest whatever in the world, but if you can't market it, it's not worth shit. Luckily Miller has one of, if not the greatest marketing teams in the game. And this latest marketing campaign is a testament to their true genius.

If champagne can only come from Champagne,
France, why is The Champagne of Beers any different?

We're petitioning the Milwaukee Common Council
to establish an official Champagne of Beers region,
and declare that only beers invented within its
strict borders - around the Miller Brewery - will be
considered The Champagne of Beers.

Giphy Images.

Amen brotha.

And this isn't anything new. Miller Coors didn't hire some hotshot ad agency on Madison Ave, they've had a strangehold on the marketing game for decades. 

Check out this commercial from the '70s.

What a fuckin jingle. 

"If you've got the time, we've got the beer."

(What the fuck happened to good jingles?)

The ambassador application can be filled out here and the winner not only receives bragging rights that they are the High Life Ambassador, but also 20k. 

I'll tell you what's really going to push this contest over the top however- the all-expenses-paid trip to Milwaukee.

Giphy Images.

Watch this video and tell me you're not already packing your bags and checking flights before it's over. You can't.

I would love to assume this role as ambassador but I have too many jobs already. So I am officially nominating Large for the role.

1- he's tall

2- he's handsome

3- he'll represent the brand well and take the role seriously

4- he's pretty much already the ambassador so you might as well pay him and make it official

5- he could use that 20k to subsidize his refrigerator

If Miller is reading this, and I know they are, if you aren't going to make Large your Champagne Of Beers Ambassador at least let him (and I) come take a field trip to the Champagne Of Beers Region and document it. It's really the least you can do.

Enjoy the High Life responsibly everybody!

And remember, "I'm not only the High Life president, I'm also a client"