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The Pac-12's New Commissioner Has One of the Most Indefensible College Football Opinions I've Ever Seen

The Pac-12 has its new commissioner as of Thursday, with the conference hiring George Kliavkoff, a sports and entertainment executive from MGM. The move has definitely made waves around college sports, given the fact that nobody really knows much about this guy or what he's going to do as commissioner of a league which so desperately needed new leadership.

And while it's only his first day on the job and we have no idea what a Pac-12 under Kliavkoff is going to look like, I did find one tweet of his from last college football season that gives me pause as to how much we can trust him.

Giphy Images.

Is this guy serious? Precisely one of these four spots is even remotely defensible — No. 2 Clemson. Let's check in on how Kliavkoff's No. 1 team fared in the Playoff:

So that one was provably absurd, now let's take a look at No. 4. Look, I get it. Everybody wants to give a shot to the little guy. And we listened to the arguments for Cincinnati all season — despite the fact that there really wasn't ever a good one. And Ohio State shouldn't have been in the Playoff after only playing six games.

But there wasn't any rational person outside of the Greater Myrtle Beach Area seriously lobbying for Coastal Carolina. We're talking about a team that didn't even win the Cure Bowl.

And while it's obviously just a silly tweet, the person who sent it is now in charge of a Power Five conference. Kliavkoff will be one of a handful of people making some of the most important decisions in college football for the next however many years and he wanted No. 1 Notre Dame playing Coastal Carolina in the College Football Playoff.

I've got my eye on this guy. Keep Group of Five teams out of the CFP until one of them plays a real schedule and never have Notre Dame ahead of Alabama.