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Daryl Morey Took A Big Shit All Over LeBron James For Crying About The Play-In Games

God dammit. It pains me how much I love this. I've been a Daryl Morey guy dating back to his Celts days, we both share a love for James Harden, and seeing him take to Twitter just to shit all over LeBron is something I think we can all get behind. The pain comes from having to like anything associated with the team he currently works for but I am willing to look past that at this very moment. We all know Daryl Morey likes to speak his mind via Twitter, but can anyone remember when an active GM went out and took shots a LeBron like this? I can't. That's why I have nothing but respect for Morey in this situation.

Look, when you are in 1st place, you can talk all the shit you want as far as I'm concerned. You just have to be willing to take the heat if your team doesn't follow through. If the Sixers don't make the Finals or the very least the ECF after all the talking both the players and their GM is doing, the internet will not be kind. Morey also better make sure his team doesn't lose to a play in team, that would be pretty embarrassing to say the least.

He's also not wrong. Can anyone really argue that these final 9 games are way more entertaining this season? The Celts are currently in the play in game and you don't hear me or any of them crying about it. You know why? Because it's their own damn fault. It's no surprise that a few teams out West are getting all upset about it, first it was the Mavs

and now it's the Lakers. Well you know what the Mavs did? They started winning. What's next, are we going to hear LeBron complain about the health and safety protocols?

That's life.

You also have to remember the history between LeBron and Morey and what LeBron said about him when all that China stuff was playing out. That's how you know Morey was smiling when he hit send on that tweet. Just go ahead and look at his current likes, that's a level of pettiness we can all get behind. Here's an example of one of his likes

I mean that's just objectively funny, I don't care who your favorite team is. A current NBA GM on the top seed in the East is liking random LeBron James slander tweets. What a moment that I'm glad I'm alive for.