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Oh Fuck Yes, The 2022 NFL Draft Will Officially Be In Las Vegas From April 28th-30th

Getcha mock drafts and wallets ready because the gigantic wheel that is the NFL will be rolling into Sin City for the most wonderful 3 days of football nerdiness on the planet. If 2021 is (hopefully) going to be the year that normalcy returns then 2022 is going to be the year that awesomeness returns. No offense to the good folks of Cleveland who did as good a job as a host city can do with damp, cold weather during a pandemic. Look what they did to poor Schefty.

But the NFL announcing that the 2020 draft was going to take place in Vegas was one of the last good things I remember before the entire world went to shit. Everything about that spectacle would've been great. The parties, the stories/videos coming from the parties, and most importantly the drafted players being escorted to the stage by boat in the Bellagio.

A bunch of gigantic humans boarding a boat after the most exciting moment of their career, not to mention whatever tomfoolery they did in Vegas earlier in the week, is Must Watch content. That simple. And even though the NFL is always called the No Fun League, there is no way even that fun sponge Goodell can put the toothpaste back in the tube for boats on the Bellagio fountain.

We'll also have the typical Vegas riff raff in attendance and announcing draft picks. Shit was gonna be wild at a Vegas draft and that's before everyone was locked inside for a year. I'm setting an early Over/Under of Total Nipples Shown (both genders) at 12.5 as well as Humans In The Fountain at 20.5. 

It may be 12 months away, but it's nice to know that life is going to be getting a lot more fun as we continue to peel days off the calendar. Someone tell Steven Cheah to start mocking up what type of weird shit is gonna happen.