I Hate That Scum Bag Cuomo So Much I Might Run For Governor

Saturdays are for SLEEPING IN. No weekend activity is better than taking your time on a Saturday and waking up without the alarm. Nothing is worse for the weekend than waking up to the sound of heavy construction at 6 am. Six in the morning is an absolutely insane time to demolish concrete even if it is NYC. How is 8 am not mandatory? No one wants an earthquake as an alarm clock, and no worker wants to show up and start manual labor at 6 am. Give everyone at least 2 extra hours on a Saturday. 

The bags under my eyes say I already don't get enough sleep from the sirens and sounds of NYC, so now I'm out for fucking blood with this scum bag. I may have been silent for some of Cuomo's more damning mistakes, and I may have wanted to dap him up after legalizing weed 2 weeks ago, but after being jolted awake by 4 jackhammers at the ass crack of dawn I might just run against that slimy piece of shit for governor and completely ban jackhammering. He might think it's okay to jackhammer without consent, but we all know he is wrong. 

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Side Note: Keep In mind I'm hearing all this noise on the penthouse floor. I can't imagine how bad the noise is closer to street level. Vibbs for Governor.