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The Weather Is Damn Near Perfect, Toss On Some Allman Brothers And Have Yourself A Weekend

Okay so obviously my weather is going to be a little different than your weather depending on what neck of the woods you're living in. But unless you're in Pittsburgh or somewhere else in Pennsyltucky (which, gross), it looks like most folks are out here enjoying a perfectly enjoyable late April Friday afternoon. 

Sun is out. There's a breeze in the air. Who knows, maybe you even got your weekend started a little early by firing up the smoker and tossing a couple of briskets on. Guilty with the briskets. 

And if you're sitting out by the smoker on this glorious afternoon, well then you might as well toss on the Brothers to really keep the vibes moving in the right direction. 

Have yourselves a weekend, everybody. You earned it.