GETTLEFINGER STRIKES! Dave Gettleman Trades Back In The Draft For The First Time Ever By Swindling The Bears After The Cowboys And Eagles Join Forces To Keep DeVonta Smith Off Of Big Blue

HE DID IT! HE DID IT! GETTLEFINGER DID IT!!! Giants fans never have to hear about Dave Gettleman's refusal to trade back in the draft again after he gets a handful of picks, including an extra first rounder, to move down nine picks. Granted, we may not have ever had to hear about Gettleman's refusal to trade back in the draft if he got fired at the end of the year. But we are still going to celebrate what looks like a GREAT value to move down nine picks.

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I am genuinely happy for the Chicago guys finally having a QB1 they can believe in. I wish nothing but losses on the Bears because I need their 2021 first rounder to be as good as possible. But after this season, nothing but the best for these beautiful young men.

Now for what it's worth, I heard from a source I trust immensely that the Giants were locked on DeVonta Smith. What happened?

So to recap, the Eagles flat out gave up in a game against Washington to knock the Giants out of the playoffs last season while the Cowboys happily looked past a vicious rivalry and traded with the Eagles to allow Philly to snag the receiver the Giants wanted in exchange for some picks and a handy in the Linc parking lot. It's almost like the entire NFC East is scared of the Giants and would rather work together to keep them down now that this guy is in charge. 

That's fine though. Now we have Davey Night Trader in the GM chair wheeling and dealing while Coach Judge teaches him basic principles of value. I love where we are and I love where we are going. Give me an EDGE or a receiver or an O-Lineman at 20 Davey. Or trade back again you old maverick, you.