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Thankfully, The Chargers Have Drafted Somebody To Protect My Beautiful Baby Boy Justin Herbert

Most people point out the fact that he out-played Chase Young in 2019 as a barometer for his skill since we know Young is a bona fide NFL stud. The biggest critique on him is that he doesn't have a ton of length which is obviously something you need to play tackle in the NFL. Look, I'm of the mind that you can't use a single game to judge a players entire value, and I've also seen the length argument fail miserably before talking about prospects like Melvin Ingram. I don't know where to fall on Slater, but a history of back injuries has me worried for a guy going into this team. 

At the end of the day, though, what the Chargerrs need more than anything else is an OT. Is that a shocker? It shouldn't be. Last season the Chargers had the worst ranked offensive line in the league despite adding Bryan Bulaga and Trai Turner to the roster last year. Both of them were hurt and missed games throughout the year, and Turner ended the year as the worst ranked RG in the whole league according to most metrics. OL has been a CONSTANT problem for this team over the past decade+ that they just have never figured out. Hopefully, the addition of Corey Linsley and Matt Feiler in FA will help set them up, but they need a second star on this line plus just more depth. 

Time to get excited, all dozen of my fellow bolts fans