It Sounds Like The Knicks Are Signing An Electric Argentinian Point Guard Named Luca Vildoza Who Kobe Bryant Once Told The Lakers To Sign

Look at Leon Rose slow playing the entire NBA by making us sit through countless nights of Elfrid Payton playing like shit before pouncing on Luca Vildoza riiiiiight before the west coast trip kicks off as the Knicks enter the final leg of the playoff push. Real G's move in silence like lasagna and this man is as real as they come.

I was pretty much sold on Luca based on his handle, sweet stroke, number (3 is a Tier 1 basketball number), and a big time cosign from The Mamba.

Then I saw this highlight and fell in love.

Poor 22 must've been crying in his sangria for weeks after that blatant disregard for his feelings or life, which means New York is going to LOVE a guy like Luca. You know who won't love Luca? Teams trying to stop the Vildoza-Randle pick and roll, which is pretty much already the evolutionary version of Stockton to Malone in my eyes. Damn it feels good to fall in love with a foreign player I didn't know anything about until today again!

So saddle up, watch some highlights, and imagine a world where the Knicks just got an absolute game changer in the last quarter of the season.