Why Are We Nerfing the Amax This Soon!?

NOT MY BABY - Jk, that's my Kar98k ❤️

This blog is especially for my Warzone gamers, so I apologize for the nerdiness that's about to come out.

Raven Software just came out with the statement above about today's patch notes and hinted at "upcoming changes." My immediate response:

I ABSOLUTELY prefer Raven to be ahead of the curve instead of having another long-winded overpowered meta similar to the R9 or DMRzone (I still wake up in hot flashes from DMRzone PTSD). But, we are way too soon on the Amax nerf. It's totally unnecessary. On top of that, the Amax is a higher skilled weapon to use. The 45 round mag and tough-to-control recoil, make the gun feel balanced in my opinion. Regardless, I am curious to see the upcoming changes. In today's world, the AMAX/FARA is the meta.

Watch this video for me Amax loadout (I use the regular VLK reticle instead of T-Pose now)

I will be dropping a YouTube video later today on my channel to showcase the power of the FARA.