Starting Tomorrow You Can Once Again Go To Bars To Only Drink, The Mandatory Food Rule Will Be No Longer

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NY Post - Cheers to this!

New York legislators are moving to repeal Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic-era edict that forced bars and restaurants to make their patrons buy something to eat with booze purchases.

Both the state Senate and Assembly will be voting Wednesday, and are expected to lift the strict food-with-drinks rule that critics say has been stifling the economic recovery, especially in the bar-rich Big Apple.

Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC hospitality alliance, welcomed the Legislature’s decision to lit the restriction.

“This is good news because it’s way past time this senseless food rule is repealed,” he told The Post.


FINALLY. Thank goodness this rule is over. I understand why they put it in at first- the streets of NYC looked like New Orleans. It was fucking awesome, but I get they were trying to lock down a bit during the pandemic and the West Village became Mardi Gras every night of the week. It was fun, but it made sense to require people to order food in order to drink. 

But man, it SUCKS. Let's say it's a Saturday and you just have a brunch and you are ready to move to another bar. You get to another bar and now you need to order MORE FOOD in order to sit there and drink. And then if you want to meet friends elsewhere, you better make sure someone is hungry because more food must be ordered. It became a big headache...and stomach ache to boot. 

Now, with outdoor drinking, sunshine, and happiness of the spring season on the way, you will be able to bounce bar to bar without issue. You will be able to get a quick pint, a laugh, and be on your marry way. You won't have to bring a hot meal into the equation any longer. 

So while this is great news, we're not quite there yet- I want to sit at the bar. I want to belly up to the bar and sit there for 12 hours. AT THE BAR. There is something special about sitting there for hours and hours, not a care in the world.I miss that feeling. I hope that comes back soon.

But beggars can't be choosers, so we'll take this victory. Happy bar crawling my friends, we're almost all the way back.