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Giants' Pitcher Anthony DeSclafani Credits Getting Shit On By A Bird For His A 3-Hit Complete Game Shutout

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Sometimes it's good to get shit on by a bird before your start against the Colorado Rockies. That is what happened to Anthony DeSclafani of the Giants. Went out there on Monday and threw a complete game, 3-hit, shutout for YOUR first place Giants. No one expected the Giants to have the same record as the Dodgers at this point of the season, but they're playing well and having fun. DeSclafani threw exactly 100 pitches in the game too which qualifies him for a "Maddux". Obviously named after Greg Maddux, throwing a "Maddux" means a complete game shutout on 100 pitches or less. DeSclafani was awesome last night, 9 Ks and only 1 walk, I think you can definitely credit that bird who pooped on him for that. He had to give it a shoutout in the press conference, it's only right. Since pitchers are so superstitious I'm sure he'll be hanging out in a park all weekend littering the ground with bread crumbs in hopes of getting dookied on again.