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Dansby Swanson Burned Sage on the Field to Break Out of a Slump and Promptly Smacked a Homer

A day after the Braves amassed a grand total of one base hit over two games against the Diamondbacks, Dansby Swanson decided he needed to take an unconventional approach to break himself and the team as a whole out of a slump. So he went out onto the field at Truist Park during warm-ups and burned some sage.

Look, if it's good enough for Pedro Cerrano and the fake Cleveland Indians, maybe it could work for the real-life Atlanta Braves, too. And the early returns seem to be pretty good, as through the first three innings on Monday, the Braves have scored five runs, including an opposite field home run from Swanson — just his second of the season.

Maybe this is exactly what we needed. The winning streak is going to start tonight and we're all going to be burning sage in the ballpark. Two years ago was the Tiger Woods meme and this season is going to be incense. Whatever works.

Thank you, Jobu.

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