NEWS: Former Playmate Of The Month Donna D'Errico Got A New Umbrella



I love reporting the important news here. Absolutely fucking love. Nothing gets my juices flowing quite like finding huge news and being the first to blog it. You would not believe the rush even if I told you. And obviously this is the biggest news of the week and I rushed to the blog to make sure nobody had blogged it yet and low and behold, I am the first. Thank GOD. The fact it's not up yet is concerning, but that's what I'm here for. Imagine your life if you didn't know about Donna D'Errico's new umbrella? I just shivered thinking about such a tragic fate. I would never wish that upon any of you. So everyone 3 cheers for me, Go Nate Go, Go Nate Go, Go Nate Go, for sharing this news with the world today.


Also the fact she is 53 years old, mama mia. Boy howdy.