Dave Grohl Just Dropped A Classic Punk Rock Cover With His 15-Year-Old Daughter On Lead Vocals

Dave Grohl just put out this 'Nausea' cover (originally performed by LA punk band X - fronted by Exene Cervenka) with his 15-year-old daughter Violet on lead vocals, and surprise surprise - it's pretty fucking great! The Grohls don't miss!

Violet Grohl is no stranger to workin with her dad at this point, having already gone viral for crushing a few songs with him in the past....

....and she even performed backup vocals on the latest Foo Fighters album/their final tour before the pandemic! Pretty dope life for a fifteen year old, wouldn't you say?!

This 'Nausea' cover is from the upcoming Dave Grohl documentary entitled 'WHAT DRIVES US' (out 4/30), focusing on the van-life that young touring musicians endure, and features a pretty awesome story behind it....

tl:dr Dave Grohl found out he had a familial connection with X drummer DJ Bonebrake back in 1992 via a letter from his grandmother, and confirmed it with the man himself decades later. Last week, he pitched recording one of their songs to his daughter Violet as a way to honor both X (a band who helped shape Dave into the musician he is today) and his long family history in the film.

If you've never seen 'Sound City' (Grohl's first go at directing documentaries), or 'Sonic Highways' (the documentation of that album's recording process for HBO), you need to get on that ASAP. If those are any indication - this is going to be phenomenal. He's almost as good at making movies as he is making music and being a dad!

P.S. If you're interested in hearing from another second generation rockstar, check out this interview I did with Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg (son of Max Weinberg, drummer of the legendary E Street Band/Conan band) this week….