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John "Hands Of Stone" Lineker Just Put An End To Troy Worthen Live On TNT

If you didn't know by now, ONE Championship is now putting on events on TNT (Wednesday nights after AEW), and they've been KILLING it since their debut earlier this month! There's been finishes galore, great prospects rising the ranks, recognizable former UFC guys (like John Lineker), and even some awesome muay thai/kickboxing fights in a cage. I would highly recommend getting in on it next week at 10pm if you've been missin out - but I digress, because we're here to talk about this Hands of Stone KO....

That was just picture-perfect...his whole performance was, really! You've got to imagine he'll get a shot at the title now, as well. It was talked about leading into this bout and you can't ask for a better statement finish than that.

I still can't believe the UFC cut Lineker. He really was always one of my favorites to watch; I suppose his weight cutting issues definitely didn't help his case if they had to made releases, though. Oh well.

UFC's loss, ONE's gain - at least we as fans still get to see him starchin dudes in the cage!