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The NFL Cannot Allow Patrick Mahomes To See This Tape

To me, this is preposterous. Buddy couldn’t possibly have bones or joints or tendons in his arm to be able to bend and maneuver in such a way to get this pass off. The only person I could even fathom attempting this silly shit is why I titled the blog this way. Not only can I picture Mahomes breaking this out but I could see Andy Reid encouraging it. Drawing up plays, having Kelce run a slow drag all the way across the field and pop up at the last second to snatch it out of the air. Football is a copycat sport, and pro offenses looking more and more like college offenses you’d be a fool not to expect to see more and more trying to figure out ways to incorporate a proven red zone play such as this. Falling down, behind the back, lob balls are the way of the future.

Update: we’re all fucked.