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What's One Thing You Just Can't Google Search?

-I wonder if black cats have caught on to people thinking they’re bad luck. Every time they cross a street, people walk away and avoid them like the plague. You have to think this leads to some serious self-esteem and insecurity issues within the black cat community. 

-Knowing how to build a bomb has to be one thing the general public knows very little about and really can't learn about. I will sometimes wonder, “Wow how do people take these little household items and make them cause some big explosion?” But it’s really a tough google search. Maybe you can get away “how are bombs built” because that can be passed off as curiosity. But searching “how to build a bomb” just feels like instructions. 

-I don’t like arugula lettuce

-We always talk about how fast time moves. “Time flies.” “Where does all the time go?” But maybe we just need to readjust our thinking and realize that’s just the rate at which time moves. It’s not moving fast, but rather it’s just moving at the average rate that time does.

-If everyone in the world wanted to talk about me exclusively on Facebook Stories and Twitter Fleets, I would never see any of it. 

-I hope there’s a special section in Hell for people who stand up immediately when a plane lands and rush to get off. There’s absolutely no reason to stand up right away. It just makes everyone more claustrophobic and you’re not getting off any faster. These people really should die.  

-In case you guys haven’t heard, I’ve decided to become a billionaire by selling one 1 of 1 NFT selfie every day on OpenSea. Nobody else has cornered this market yet. I’m going to become “The NFT Selfie Guy.”  Take them at different locations with different people. And you can own the only one in existence. Anything that rare has value, no matter what it is. Right now they’re only about $25, but one day they could be worth $25,000. I am a genius!

Thank you for your time.