The BFFs Pod Broke YouTube Tonight

You may remember Monday night when Dave dominated the internet once again...why? This time it wasn't about stocks or sports, but instead...the TikTok world.

Today, Josh, Dave, Bri, and Griffin got together to go over all that had happened in the TikTok world down in Miami.

The pod was due to debut tonight. For those of you who don't consume a lot of YouTube, a feature a lot of shows use to debut their new content is called Premiere. It streams like a live show and then after the video automatically uploads to YouTube as a regular video you can consume at any time. There's a live chat feature during the premiere, which has thousands of messages throughout a show like BFFs. Tonight, when the BFFs Pod was premiering? YouTube essentially broke:

The hype was TOO much! Why did this happen? Well, there were close to a million in the premiere...which I assume was way too much for YouTube to handle (or they just hadn't given the proper bandwidth to BFFs channel). The video would not play for more than 10 seconds for anyone watching. 

If you were wondering why Dave is doing the "dumb" TikTok stuff, here is your reason.