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Former Bachelor Lead Colton Underwood Comes Out As Gay On Good Morning America - My Thoughts

Some people realize their sexuality in the underwear aisle at Target, others find out on national television as twenty-five beautiful women compete for their love. To each their own. All I can say is I watched Colton's coming out interview and I feel bad for him. I know he wasn't the best guy during or after the show, which Kelly blogged about, but to be that closeted has got to be tough. The man suppressed his true self so much that went and he got himself cast as The Bachelor despite being gay. How fucked up is that? 

Here's what he had to say on GMA...


Good for him. The only thing missing from the interview was questions about his virginity, which was his schtick on The Bachelor. I'm not going to call it bullshit, but I will say being a twenty-nine (at the time twenty-seven) year old good looking closeted guy and not hooking up with people is highly unlikely. Like, highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY unlikely. Regardless, congrats to Colton on finally mustering up the courage to come out. We're going to try and get him on Out & About so keep and eye out for that. If we can't get him on we'll settle for Trent. Alright that's it for this one. Have a great Wednesday.