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Colton Underwood, Ex Bachelor Lead, Just Came Out As Gay On GMA

A few things here so people understand the scope of this:

1. Colton was THE BACHELOR in 2019. He was the guy who had 30 women fighting for him. The main guy.

2. The schtick on his season was that he was a virgin. Never had sex before. Every single joke was about him not fucking.

3. He ended up picking someone at the end, Cassie, and she ended up breaking up with him. He then stalked her extensively, so much so that she needed a restraining order against him. He was placing trackers on her car, tracing her phone, weird shit.

Okay, now. Colton's gay! Cool! I think if you have been paying attention over the years, this doesn't come as a surprise. There were always rumors, suspicion, etc etc. The only thing that kept people thinking he was straight was he fact he legit stalked Cassie like crazy. Looking like a super jealous ex bf. Good for him for coming out, being true to himself finally, but... are you gonna explain the stalking, bro? I'd say it's arguably weirder now that you aren't even into women? Now you just look like a guy who was trying to intimidate someone into keeping your secrets...yikes!

It'll be interesting to see the response. Is all forgiven now that we know he was hiding away his true self for so long? Or will Colton really have to start explaining his actions? Gay guys are WAY better than stalkers, but one sure doesn't cancel out the other!