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Per Mush Bob Nightengale, We Could See Fernando Tatis Jr. Back In Action On Friday

Look at Bobby Nightengale coming outta the clouds with some POTENTIAL good news for Fernando Tatis Jr. Now Nightengale is usually never wrong, like never wildly wrong at all, so when I read his tweet that if all goes well we could see Tatis Jr. in the lineup Friday for the big matchup vs the Dodgers I was floored. Last week when the injury happened it sounded like he'd be out a few months, possibly the season if he got surgery on the shoulder to keep it in place, but I guess the surgery won't be happening and Tatis Jr. is going to gut it out. Would be pretty incredible if he missed just a handful of games after what seemed to be a worst case scenario. We have to hope that he doesn't reaggravate the shoulder and injure himself further. But then again it is Bobby N so for all we know they're loading Tatis Jr. into the back of the ambulance as we speak, you know what a mush he is. 

Here he is in the cage taking some hacks on Tuesday and if he's comfortable enough to do that it seems like a good sign. Incredible turnaround from just a week ago when all was dark and seemed like bad news. Now give me a healthy Tatis Jr. in the lineup for a matchup on monsters with the Padres and Dodgers. It's a Nightengale miracle if this comes true.