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It Looks Like Fernando Tatis Jr. May Be Out A While After Dislocating His Shoulder And I Hate It

Well this is something that you really don't want to see, the face of baseball and all around stud, Fernando Tatis Jr. crumbling to the ground in pain after a strikeout. Tatis Jr. swings and misses and immediately after his backswing you can tell something is wrong. He drops the bat, falls to the ground is lying there in pain. Never a good sign when a guy like this drops to the ground immediately and is in obvious pain. After about 30 seconds he gets up and walks with the the trainer holding his left arm in place and headed into the clubhouse. Real buzz kill of a scene in San Diego, no one likes to see anyone get hurt, let along the 22-year-old who may be the most exciting player in baseball. Signed the monster extension in the offseason and now he'll likely be on the shelf for a while, possibly for the rest of the year. 

No one really knew what it was that was injured at the time, shoulder, wrist, elbow hand, oblique. Lots of speculation, especially from the announcers. They aren't doctors but they did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. The Padres did announce that he suffered a left shoulder subluxation, basically a dislocated left shoulder. He's battled shoulder issues for a while, but nothing too extreme. 

This obviously is very extreme and a huge hit to not only the Padres season, but baseball as a whole. He's going to undergo an MRI today and we'll have a better idea of the time frame that he'll be out for. It sounds like it could be *gulps* 6 months, and if that's the case who knows how strong he will be when he comes back and if he'll be able to play up to his old standards. Who knows if he'll have to get surgery which would set him back even longer. T

Flat out this sucks, Twitter all had the same reaction last night when the video came out. I feel like he's pretty well liked around the league except for in Texas but you never want to see anyone injured. It was such a weird play too, he was swinging out of his shoes and missed the breaking ball and that shoulder just gave out. You can tell by the end of the swing and how awkward it was, tons of stress on that shoulder and that can't feel good. If you watch it in slow motion you can almost see when it pops out and pops back into place too, kind of wild. Apparently once this happens to you, it's going to keep happening until you get surgery to fix it from popping back out so maybe he bites the bullet and gets the surgery to keep this from happening again. 

Lets hope surgery isn't needed and he can comeback and play at a high level when healthy, but it doesn't seem like that is the case. Bottom line is this sucks. Everyone was looking forward to the awesome year Tatis Jr. was going to have, the insane race with the Dodgers for the division and all the Tatis Jr. bat flips, now we just have to hope we see him again this year. Hoping for a speedy recovery and see him back on the field before Opening Day in 2022.