Seth Rollins Stopped By The Daily Show One Last Time To Feud With Jon Stewart


Jon Stewart is a big WWE guy so he’s had this feud with Seth Rollins for nearly the last year, including showing up on Raw. With next week being his last week of shows, Rollins showed up one last time to engage in his battle of wits. And remind us all that Arby’s is probably not actually roast beef, but it sure is delicious. Will this be the last of Rollins vs Stewart? Probably not. Jon is about to be unemployed, so maybe we’ll see him at SummerSlam, or at least a Raw leading up to it. WWE could use the ratings bump and Jon could use some time away from his family, because you can’t work at the Daily Show for nearly 2 decades and then just start spending time with your wife and kids. Shit will get old real quick.