Announcing The Winner Of The First Miltons Pimp My Wedding Competition

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So this concludes our first Miltons Pimp My Wedding contest. Congrats to Francis as he’s just won a huge weight lifted off his chest and off his wallet, as Miltons is going to pimp out all of his groomsmen with topnotch suits to wear to the altar (consequently getting all of them laid as well, I’m sure). Pissed you didn’t win? No worries, we’re going to run it back again starting next week for all you Fall weddings out there. Just email with some pictures stating your case on why you and your wedding party should be pimped and you could be the next guy who saves a ton of money while looking great on your wedding day, courtesy of Miltons.




The Groom

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The Groomsmen

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Reader Email



My boy Francis and his high school sweetheart Keri are getting married at the end of the summer. He is a hard working man supporting his two kids and lovely fiancée. When he has the chance to come out with the boys we always make sure the beers are flowing for the Number 1 Dad in the world. His wedding will be like no other. We want to make sure all the groomsmen are dressed to the nines when we celebrate with our long-time buddy. Otherwise, sweats and tuxedo shirts will be the best we can do.

So stoolies from all over, help us out to give Francis the best end of the summer bash he will ever have!