Baylor Decided To Kick Gonzaga's Ass When They Found Out Gonzaga Ordered 6 Cases Of Champagne Before The Game Started

Listen there's no doubt this 100% happened. But this is also did not happen. What I mean by that is I can guarantee some Baylor assistant told the entire team Gonzaga ordered six cases of champagne. There's not a chance they ordered six cases of champagne and zero change they would let anyone find out about it. Although there might be a spy in Baylor's staff. I'm looking at you Rem Bakamus, a grad assistant for Baylor who was a walk-on at Gonzaga. He's the one who would 100% leak this and it's a genius move. Baylor always played up the whole 'chip on our shoulder' this season and there's none better than that one. 

There's also no doubt that Gonzaga was talking shit. They should. I always say we need to encourage shit talking. Gonzaga was cocky and have every right to be cocky. Why wouldn't they be confident that they were going to win? Again, I want more shit talking in all of sports. So if Gonzaga was yapping before the game started, good for them and better for Baylor to beat their ass for 40 minutes. 

I need to know if Baylor ordered any champagne. I'm not ruling out that either side did here simply because you're stuck in a bubble and you want to party. I just need to know how this started. Rem, I know you're reading this (Walk-On Frat forever). Tell me it was you, I won't tell anyone. Like I said, it's a genius idea to plant the seed that Gonzaga already thinks they won the title despite just being a 4.5 point favorite. Get your guys fired up with this narrative and go win a title in dominating fashion. Coaching 101.