Arizona Just Fired Sean Miller And It's Totally Because Of The FBI Investigation And Not Because He Stopped Winning (Wink, Wink)

Want to know the difference between winning and losing? Bill Self just got a lifetime contract and Sean Miller got fired. Both are being investigated for the same exact thing. Bill Self just keeps winning. Sean Miller never made a Final Four and Arizona started falling off the last couple years. So now Arizona makes the move. This had been a rumor for a few days now that Sean Miller was going to get fired and I wouldn't be surprised to see the name Tommy Lloyd from Gonzaga be hired as the next head coach. 

It's wild how many big jobs have opened up this year. Indiana, UNC, Texas, Marquette and Arizona are all big time jobs yet we really haven't seen any sort of crazy carousel. UNC stayed in house. Indiana brought in an NBA guy. Obviously Beard going to Texas is the biggest move. Now we see what happens with Arizona. I don't think it opens up some sort of crazy carousel, the biggest current head coach that would leave would be Josh Pastner, who played at Arizona. They could stay within the family and go with Damon Stoudamire, Jason Terry or Miles Simon, but I'm going to bet on Tommy Lloyd here. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens to Miller now. He had success. He made three Elite Eights and lost those by a combined 10 points. Brutal break for what could have changed how he was viewed as a coach. But that's what happens in the NCAA Tournament. I wouldn't be surprised to see his name pop up whenever Pitt opens up since he's from there and played there. Remember there's still going to be a decently long process to see if he gets hit with a show cause penalty. 

Again, just shows you that winning is ultimately all that matters. If Arizona was winning with Sean Miller there's no chance he gets fired.