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Can Anyone Ask For A Better Start To Their MLB Career Than Akil Baddoo? He Is On Fire As He Hits A Walk Off To Beat The Twins

So lets go over Akil Baddoo's first 3 career games with the Tigers. On Sunday he made his MLB debut and hit a home run with a bat flip on the first pitch he ever saw, on Monday afternoon he hits a grand slam and stole a base, and on Tuesday afternoon he hits a walk off single for the Tigers as they beat the Twins in extra innings. Can you have a better start to your MLB career? I don't think so.

 Sunday was awesome because it was in front of his parents and how rare is it to hit your first home run on the first pitch you see in your first MLB game, Monday is awesome because who doesn't love grand slams, and now he's hitting walk offs? What's he going to do next? Hit for the cycle? Save a bunch if puppies from a burning building? I mean this guy IS Detroit right now, the Tigers aren't anything to write home about, but Akil Baddoo is making Tigers baseball pretty fun. Plus that name, how great would it be to have a great baseball player named Akil Baddoo? 

His story in general is awesome too, the Tigers picked him in the Rule-5 draft this past season after having Tommy John surgery in May 2019 and never playing above A ball. Who did the Tigers take him from? Well it would be the Twins that left him unprotected. What an awesome start for this kid, great stories all around. Hope he continues the hot streak but man it's hot to stay this hot this long. Just watch this interview, how do you not love this kid?