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Imagine Going Yard On The First Pitch You See In The Bigs, Bat Flipping To The Moon, And Having Your Parents Go Nuts In The Stands

This is the stuff you dream about as a kid. Making your MLB debut, first pitch you see and you're swinging out of your shoes right? A lot of people probably say they're going to do that and then get up there and take the first pitch, or just swing and miss. Akil Baddoo of the Tigers went up and did it and smacked it out of the park. First pitch he has ever seen at the big league level and it's outta here for a home run. He knew he got it too, bat flip immediately, nothing too disrespectful, just a nice little flip to celebrate. 

Camera swings over and you get to see his parents celebrating in the stands. He gives them a point as he rounds the bases and touches home and it doesn't get much better than that. This is stuff out of a movie. You achieve your life long dream of becoming a major leaguer and turn on the first pitch you see and then get to see your parents celebrating your accomplishments? Disney writing right there. He had never played above A ball and had a killer spring training, now he's hitting bombs. Have a day, Akil.