Neuralink Co-Founder Wants To Create a "New" Religion Where You Just Trip On All Sorts Of Drugs To Feel The Presence of God


Max Hodak, the entrepreneur who co-founded neurotech company Neuralink alongside Elon Musk, has an idea for an entirely new religion — and it involves tripping on natural substances to feel the presence of God.

Forte had said that “after a decade as an atheist I think I’ll try religion again,” and was looking for recommendations for a religion that respects science, cares about the underprivileged, and is also not “evangelistic or politically active.”

Forte’s quest set up an interesting idea by Hodak. What if there was a religion that “embraces the weirdness of math and physics” and is facilitated by “entheogens,” an umbrella term for psychoactive substances ingested for religious or spiritual purposes including ayahuasca and LSD?

This Max Hodak cat is something else huh? Just earlier today Jerry blogged how this fella is saying we have the technology to build Jurassic Park. Feel like I've been hearing that sentence since I was a kid. Now we've got him proposing a "new" religion where you just take a ton of drugs to help "feel the presence of God." Is it me or have been people trying to trip on drugs to find God for centuries now? Could very well be the first act we did as humans. Here we got Max Hodak thinking he just discovered fire for the first time!

Now for me personally, I think religion is a giant load of bullshit. I don't mean to offend anyone, but if you're legitimately religious in 2021 I'm assuming there's a few screws loose up top. I'm not an atheist, I just really could not care less. Well, this fella Hodak decided to be an atheist for a decade. He came out of that God-hibernation and decided he'd give it another go, proposing this "new" plan of drugs. Just take a ton of LSD and other psychoactive substances that will make you lose your mind. I've certainly heard worse ideas. 

P.S. My prediction for the future is that Neuralink becomes our version of SkyNet.