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Brandon Marshall Completely Lost His Shit While Being Outrageously Wrong About NBA Contracts

I respect the passion here from Brandon Marshall. Passion is important to have in life. The only problem is this man is getting very mad while also being incredibly wrong. That's a tough look. Unfortunately, the louder he screams does not make him more correct, it just makes him look worse. 

He started off on the right path. It's true that not everyone on an NBA roster has an NBA guaranteed contract at certain points. There are scenarios where a player is on a non-guaranteed deal up until a certain date, and then if they are still on the roster after that date it becomes fully guaranteed. If they are cut before that date, then they aren't owed the rest of that deal. 10 Days also exist. Once that 10 days are up, they can either be given another 10 day or waived. After the second 10 day, you can either be guaranteed for the rest of the year, or waived.  

If Marshall had just listened for a second, he could have saved himself the embarrassment. Where things really started to go off the rails is when he started talking about how there are only 4 players on a roster with guaranteed contracts and everyone else can be cut immediately and don't get anything. That is outrageously false. The "look it up" part is what really sent me. The man was so confident he had dropped the mic. 

Sadly for Marshall, NBA contracts are fully guaranteed, even if that player is cut. He is owed every penny on that deal. A team could maybe save a little money by buying someone out, or maybe use a stretch provision if you'd like, but the players are absolutely getting that money. I would have loved someone to ask Marshall how it's determined which 4 players are the ones with guaranteed contracts. Is it the 4 best players? The 4 highest contracts? The other 11 guys are just shit out of luck? 

We all have a friend like this. Usually, arguments like this happen when you're all fucked up and are yelling about something stupid. Your one friend could not be more wrong and everyone around him knows he's wrong but he just gets louder and madder while being convinced he's right. Then you talk to him the next day when you're all sober and he realizes how stupid he was in that moment. You all have a nice laugh about it and move on. We've all been Chad Johnson in this scenario. Just so confused watching your friend make a complete ass of himself. It just doesn't happen on TV/the internet for the world to see like Brandon Marshall.

Do you know how badly NBA owners want their contract structure to be like the NFL? That's by the NBA Players Association exists. They collectively bargained guaranteed contracts. 

My hope is that Marshall was just so fired up he didn't know what he was saying. Lost in the passion if you will. Because man I haven't seen a guy get so worked up while being so wrong maybe ever.