Nick Saban Says Offensive Coaches Are 'Part of the Taliban'

I say this every time I write a blog about the guy, but I really wish I could hate Nick Saban and I simply can't. Even as much of an asshole as he is pretty much all the time, he'll deliver one endearing moment that at least makes him seem human and you can't help but kinda like him.

Well this time, it's him looking right into the camera for a coaches' conference and telling offensive coaches that they're part of the Taliban and Al Qaeda because of all the new stuff they keep coming up with. And please keep in mind that Saban's Crimson Tide scored 48.5 points per game last season. He still considers himself a defensive coach to the point that he equates offensive coaches with literal terrorists, despite the fact that he has evolved with the game and become even better at doing the thing he hates just to keep winning. That's a guy you simply have to respect.

I also love that he says he's sitting in church thinking of ways to stop whatever opposing SEC offensive coordinators are coming up with next. I guarantee you Saban could come out of any given service and diagram more schemes he thought up to limit RPOs than he could tell you what in the world the pastor talked about over the last hour. Just built different.

Even as he's become the head coach of some of the most prolific offenses in the history of college football, Saban still wants football to go back to being 10-9 slugfests. You have to respect his commitment.