The Bears Reportedly Had A Great Meeting With...Ian Book

Another day, another QB that the Bears are reportedly interested in. Kellen Mond, Kyle Trask, and now my boy Ian Book. People absolutely FREAKED out about Ian Book going to the Bears. The haters were saying he sucks. That the Bears are idiots. That he isn't the answer. 

Not the answer? What is the question? Is he the future of the franchise? Probably not. Would he be worth a late round draft pick to fill out the QB room...abso-fucking-lutely. If you watch ND the last 4 years you know what he is. The ball comes out on time. It goes to the right place. He extends plays with his feet. He finds ways to win. The kid is smart. He is a team captain. His dad was a green beret. People are sleeping on his athleticism. Look at these numbers from his pro day

He's dunking at 6ft tall. He's running the 40 faster than safeties. He's quicker than fast as you can see in the 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle times. He has the brain, the athleticism, the leadership. He just doesn't have a rocket arm. He reminds me of Alex Smith in a lot of ways. I am not saying he will ever be that good. I am saying that if your starter goes down and Ian Book is your back up you should feel okay about that. If he's sitting there at pick #165 for the Bears in the 5th round NOBODY should be upset if they draft him. Nobody.