WE'RE GETTING WILD IN COLLEGE HOOPS TODAY - Texas Is Reportedly Hiring Chris Beard

Buckle the fuck up because apparently college basketball today is going to be wild. We got the Roy news and it was a little weird that Chris Beard was completely silent about Texas. I assumed he was playing the money game where he could try and leverage UNC. But nope. This news comes out within an hour of the UNC news. 

Needless to say this is a hell of a hire by Texas. This is the guy they HAD to get, even if it's bizarre for a coach to leave for a team within his own conference. The fact is Texas has a shit ton of money, they are the state school and it's a better job than Texas Tech. He also went to Texas and was a student assistant and manager there. This was always a rumor to happen for the last few years with Shaka on the hot seat. It's no disrespect to Texas Tech, just a no-brainer move for Beard. Now why did they wait until today to hire him? 

It's always about the money. Saved a million buckets on the buyout waiting until today when they could have probably hired him the hour after Shaka left for Marquette. It's the perfect fit. Beard can keep his style of coaching, his style of recruiting and even land better recruits. He started landing top-50 guys at Tech. It's way easier to recruit at Texas. He can go get All-Americans if he wants. 

Just what is with today man? I expected it to be relatively quiet on the college basketball front. We're a couple days removed from the Elite 8 and a couple days before the Final Four. This is typically a slow day with just practice reports. Nope, we're getting anarchy in the sport. The coaching carousel is going around and Tech is likely going to target one of the mid-major guys. You're talking Joe Golding (ACU) or Grant McCassland (North Texas). It also eliminates a name that would have 100% popped up with UNC. You get a guy in Beard who is an elite x's and o's guy. He runs that no-middle defense. We saw what he could do when he had pros on the roster - they lost in the title game in OT. 

If Texas didn't get Beard it would have been a massive letdown. I get that it stings for Texas Tech, but it's hard to keep guys there when a school like Texas comes calling. This should immediately keep Texas relevant every year. That's how good Beard is. 

So as of now we still have Oklahoma, Texas Tech and UNC with openings. The carousel is going to keep going.