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Kinda Weird They Had To Say It, But The Cleveland Indians Are No Longer Allowing Fans To Paint Their Face Red And Wear Headdresses

Let's be clear, whether the team allows it or not, if you wear a Native American headdress to a baseball game then you are the biggest loser on Earth.

Exhibit A:

MARK DUNCAN. Shutterstock Images.

Actually, I retract. You are the second biggest loser on Earth. The #1 bums of this planet are the people of the internet that are saying this news is why they are no longer going to Indians games.

Is this real life? Like, what are you mad about Ryan and Brad? You can't wear your…….headdress?

And no, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, they're not even talking about the Chief Wahoo logo. You can still wear your hats and shirts.

They are literally just talking about the people that paint their face red and put on bunch of feathers on their head. This is a combination of the biggest no big deal / no brainer in the history of decisions. And it affects like MAYBE 1 person in the entire city. Who actually does this anymore? 

Now this doesn't mean that I don't support a boycott of the Indians though. I am fully on-board for that, as I requested a full refund (on the day we traded Lindor) of all the tickets they carried over from last year's covid season. Not because of the name change or even the headdress controversy, but simply because we traded away ANOTHER star that we developed only to watch him shine somewhere else. Our owners are bums and make bad decision after bad decision for this fanbase, but this headdress ban isn't one of them…