Najee Harris Deserves To Have His Name Pronounced The Right Way, So You Better Start Listening To Him

Word to the wise to future human beings that plan on interacting with Alabama star running back Najee Harris: start pronouncing his damn name the right way. He makes it crystal clear in the video above that it's (Nah-Gee). Pretty straightforward if you ask me. Had no idea he was like this in front of a camera, but the man is a showman. 

In all seriousness, this is not someone you want to piss off. If you do, he might just hurdle you into oblivion.

This is also the same dude who drove 9 hours after his flight got cancelled just to see his teammates work out at the Bama pro day. You can bet your ass the whole team showed up for his birthday unlike that bum Bo Callahan. Dude is straight up awesome and so much fun to watch play football. You just know he's gonna end up in Belichick's lap somehow.

Najee Harris no matter what should be written on many teams draft boards