Najee Harris' Flight Got Cancelled The Night Before Alabama's Pro Day So He Drove NINE Hours From Dallas To Birmingham. Not To Work Out But Just To Cheer On His Teammates

Sorry Giants fans, but you better be prepared for our beloved Big Blue to draft yet another running back in the first round because I don't know how a Football Guy like Coach Judge is going to be able passing on Najee Harris after seeing this story. You can give football coaches all the tape and 40 times their brains can handle. But it's stories like this that really stick in their minds. 

Najee Harris is essentially the anti Bo Callahan. Probably had every player to ever wear crimson at his 21st birthday. I mean think about it, how many of us would drive nine hours to visit our parents on Christmas let alone cheer on their former teammates running around in shorts? Well I would because I love my family. But I bet Chaps wouldn't do it. Najee Harris: Better teammate than you and better son than Chaps.

You know what to do on draft day once pick 11 comes around Davey!

(Please God don't actually do that. We finally have what appears to be a well balanced team for once)