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Look at that, a New York sports owner who listens to the fans and actually gives them what they want. What a novel fucking concept! I'm pretty sure any Suggestion Box at Citi Field during the Wilpon Era were actually paper shredders that immediately destroyed any request instantly. Now with Uncle Stevie in charge, we have the return of the blacks to go along with what should be a beautiful statue honoring Tom Terrific ASAP.

In full disclosure, I was never a diehard for the black jerseys like some of my fellow lunatics on #MetsTwitter because I've always liked the classic uniforms the Mets have been wearing (fuck the blues though). That's not to say I don't love the black jerseys considering most of the best moments I can remember as a Mets fan came as Mike Piazza, David Wright, and Edgardo Alfonzo were wearing them. Shit, the first and only authentic baseball jersey I bought was an authentic Wright black jersey for like 300 bucks that I barely wore because baseball jerseys are the worst jerseys to wear for a large man like myself where buttons are the enemies.

However, I know the first time I see Jacob deGrom mowing down batters while looking like an angel of death on the mound, I will be thanking Steve Cohen for once again making my life, the life of millions of other people, and everyone in the Mets PR department better by giving a simple thumbs up to let them wear black a handful of times this season. God I love that man.

Thoughts and prayers to Howie as well as all the other old schoolers brokenhearted by this news.