BREAKING: Anthony Rizzo Is Shutting Down Contract Extension Talks And Will Play Out His Final Season With The Cubs

I know it's a real mouthful of a headline but there's really no other way for me to put this in appropriate context. Yes it's news that KB, Rizzo and Javy will all be free agents at the end of the season. But generally speaking nobody actually though the core would go unextended. The real story is 5 seasons after winning a World Series, the Cubs are actually willing to let these 3 guys go into their last year without any real commitment. 

As I belabored last week, it's sad to see because NOBODY thought it was possible. There's not even $50M worth of salary guarantees out there for 2022. There's no reason to forecast business without 80+% capacity. No reason to even consider a smaller payroll long-term so what gives? How did we get to this point? How the fuck is Anthony Rizzo going to be a free agent next year? 

LAUGH FACTORY! The Cubs may think RIzzo talks will go into the season - but we're talking about a guy who went to the media and set Opening Day as a deadline. Then a week ago they were miles apart at the table so I don't think suddenly the gap closed. I also believe Rizzo asked for the Opening Day contract because he doesn't want a distraction midseason on the contract. Nobody wants that kind of situation lingering every time you go up to the plate. I think it's pretty offensive to ask him to revisit this midseason this far into his career.

Narrator: He Shut Them Down

As for Javy, he's in the same camp as KB where it's just out of the question at this point. My gut says Baez is really far away from what he wants, and his agent is telling him to take a gamble. The big risk is Javy has another MVP caliber season and his price tag goes through the roof, or even worse he wants to leave and play somewhere else. Literally just kill me if that's the case because I can't stomach the idea of another fanbase enjoying Javy. That's our fucking shortstop. 

Then finally KB. I actually feel bad for how he's been treated. We know his extension isn't on the table so let's just hope and pray he stays healthy and has a monster season. He deserves to go out with some big numbers as a Cub. 

At a higher level though I'm just sad that Opening Day is this week and they really never extended any of these dudes. The only guy from the WS that got an extension was Kyle Hendricks and he kinda got a raw deal. 

Point is just think back to 2017 NLCS after losing the Dodgers and imagine someone telling you that KB, Javy and Rizzo wouldn't get extended. Or just imagine learning that at any point after these guys won a WS that the Cubs would say no to Anthony Rizzo. That they'd be warming up the charter plane to send KB to a trade partner. Or that Javy would still need to prove himself. 

I'm not taking crazy pills. I'm just watching the top of the National League treat their superstar players like actual superstars. To me that seems like a good idea but that's assuming you want your guys happy and playing well.