Mitchell Robinson Fractured His Foot Tonight Because We Live In A Cruel And Unfair World

Just when I thought the Basketball Gods were smiling down upon the Knicks after news that Kenny Payne was turning down the DePaul job to stay with the Knicks broke this afternoon and pretty much every Bucks player worth a damn missing tonight's game, Mitchell Robinson fractures his foot. Three games after returning from a fractured hand. Unfuckingreal. 

There is no denying that Mitch changes the game on both ends of the floor when he's healthy. Everything around the rim just becomes easier when number 23 is out there. But there are just too many times some random injury bubbles up and takes him off the team. I'm not going to say Mitch is injury prone because I hate that term when it comes to injuries to different body parts, so I am just going to say he's cursed and needs more calcium for his growing bones. Is it too much to ask James Dolan to break off a few bucks to provide extra milk at MSG and Tarrytown for our tallest son? Christ.

This would be the darkest way for Andre Drummond to end up with the Knicks, even though I personally believe once Woj tweets something like this, the team he mentions has to pick him up.


I am just going to spinzone this entire night by saying now that Randle and Mitch are out tonight, it is finally Obi's time to shine. Obi breakout game coming up!