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Suck It DePaul, Kenny Payne Is Reportedly STAYING With The Knicks

Oh and all things keep coming up Reags here early. We hit Oregon State +7. We hit under 125. Now we don't lose Kenny Payne twice in a row. I can't handle that. Kenny Payne is a fucking awesome coach. I miss him at Kentucky, but at least I had him with the Knicks. He's helping turn Julius Randle into a potential All-NBA player. He was a main reason they drafted Immanuel Quickley. He's known for developing players and we're seeing that not even one year in with the Knicks. Earlier today there was this: 

It made sense. DePaul's AD is DeWayne Peevy, who came there from Kentucky. He worked with Payne. Payne is going to be a head coach at some point and with the connections here everyone assumed it'd be him at DePaul. But the man loves the Knicks. Can't blame him there. Also makes me wonder if DePaul might have a chance at Porter Moser now. Private school in Chicago and doesn't even have to move. They should throw the bag at him or try to get Rod Strickland back home. Only other name that makes sense is Dennis Gates from Cleveland State, but you gotta try and get Moser no matter what now. 

In Leon we trust baby.