MARCH MADNESS IS STILL HERE - We Got Ourselves Absolute Madness And A Buzzer Beater In The Division II Semifinals

This is exactly what I needed to see tonight. Yeah, typically we'd be watching a Sweet 16 game right now and it does feel weird having 2 more days until we watch one. But how about a crazy little buzzer beater to send a team to the national title? Is that something I can interest you in? Oh throw in the fact that Lincoln Memorial's coach is now leaving to be the head coach at Indiana State. 

How about this shot though. This dude look like the exact type that you hated playing against in high school. No doubt number 14 here was dead quiet on the court but would hit you with the John Stockton dirty screens and get 30 on you hitting 6 threes. Found himself in a Robert Horry situation here

Giphy Images.

Play even looks identical with the loose ball directly to a dude standing there. A+ GOT IT call by the announcer here. I don't care how many times we hear it, a solid GOT IT on a buzzer beater plays. Hits it perfectly. Speaking of celebrations and shit, this girl had the sneaky meanest goodbye wave in the history of waves. 

Fucking ruthless. 

Top-1 feeling of all time? This. The moment you know that ball leaves your hand and it's going in. Kept that hand in the cookie jar for a long time too. Hold that pose, you're now a D-II legend.