What Are The Biggest Cliffhangers In Cinema History?

-I don’t know what the term gaslighting means, but I’m pretty sure most people who use it don’t actually know either. 

-I get bad vibes from states or countries who make commercials telling us to go visit them. It reeks of desperation and it also sorts of feels like they’re threatening us in a cult-like manner where they might not let us leave? 

-In elementary school, if you “dated” someone in a different class, that was basically the childhood equivalent of a long distance relationship. 

-I know this is extremely unfair, but whenever I see an actor in an interview and he’s not acting exactly like the character I associate him with, I get really annoyed. 

-When ordering food delivery, I sometimes feel like I limit myself to not order from places right next to my apartment, but I shouldn’t. I call that “sunk distance” instead of “sunk cost.” I’ve already decided to sit in my apartment and not move from my couch, so I should just order from anywhere I want. 

-I’m thinking about getting a lip tattoo that says “Lost A Bet.” My story will be I lost a bet and needed to get a lip tattoo, so I went very meta with it. But in reality, I’d just get it to use as a conversation starter so people will like me and think I’m interesting. 

-It’s weird that we consider Ohio part of the Midwest when it is objectively way closer to the East Coast. People in Cleveland should really start saying that they’re from the Middle East. 

-I have an embarrassing confession to make. I don’t know where my knuckles are. Are these my knuckles or are these my knuckles? Are they both my knuckles? (please see video). In Little League, hitting coaches would always say to line up your knuckles on the bat, and I never knew what that meant. It’s probably why I’m not in the Major Leagues. 

-Every friend group needs that guy who makes a spreadsheet after a big dinner to figure out how much everyone owes. I am that guy. 

Thank you for your time. 

(I chose this blog title because I thought it would be good for clicks. Also the answer to that question is now "What was in Tommy's package from Thursday Thoughts: Volume 106?").